• SPSS Macros + documentation (in Serbian)
  • SPSS Macros for "high end" statistics. For majority of them corresponding documentation is included. Macros were written by me, or I modified macros written by prof. dr. K. Momirović and associates...
  • Documents are originally written in Word or WordPerfect. The PDF versions (which are included here) are not always perfectly accurate.
  • I am considering and trying to translate the program output and documentation into English.
  • Generally speaking, SPSS macros and specifically metalanguage Matrix are sensitive to the version of SPSS and to the circumstances under which macros are run. Reports on errors are extensive and are not especially informative. It is recommended that the user cleans and prepares data and to experiment a bit in case of problems.

  • Macros "run....sps" contain templates of how to use corresponding macro.
  • Several macros have counterparts written in C++.

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